AnyPassword Pro is excellent at organizing files and passwords. It secures those files and passwords using strong AES and MD5 encryption methods. It can run from a portable device such as a USB drive and can securely support more than one user. The last major release of this software was in March of 2011, and we published our reviews in June of that year, so nothing has changed. However, we will attempt to provide a rundown of the software's features based on our current product comparison criteria.

In terms of password management, this software is designed to store a wide range of information, including registration keys, digital certificates, credit card numbers or your login information. It includes search tools for finding data and can support folders and subfolders for organizing your information. It can automatically log you into websites, but it does not have the ability to save login information as you login to sites that are not already included in the software's database. It also does not fill in long forms for you or log you in to a group of sites concurrently. It does not have browser specific plug-ins, but you can use it to insert passwords with any browser. This is an apt database system that can store a wide variety of information securely.

This password manager secures your data using AES and MD5 encryption methods. It does not include master password hints, so no one can try to gain access to your password by guessing the hint. As with all software of this type, you must remember your master password because you cannot retrieve it if you forget it.

AnyPassword Pro also includes a password generator that can create complex, long passwords using letters, numbers and characters. A useful tool that this software includes is an expired password alert. The longer you use the same password, the more likely it is that it might be hacked. This software will remind you to change your passwords when needed.

AnyPassword does not offer mobile apps. However, it can run from a removable device such as a USB drive or disc. The software also compresses your data so it can run from a small device. It can support more than one user securely, and each user can create a portable file to use on other computers.

AnyPassword Summary:

Although this software has not been updated in the last year, that does not make it invalid. It can still store your passwords securely and in an organized manner. What the top products have added are mobile tools and browser-specific support. Since many people nowadays login to websites via their mobile phones and tablets, these are relevant tools. However, if you primarily use PCs, AnyPassword will work for you.


AnyPassword Pro

AnyPassword Pro creates complex passwords, reminds you when they need to be changed and can support more than one user.

This password manager cannot automatically save logins, does not have a mobile phone application and does not provide a secure virtual keyboard.

The Verdict
: 7.25/10

As a secure database to store your personal information, AnyPassword is a good tool. However, it lacks many of the browser and mobile phone integration tools that our top-ranked products include.