Aurora Password Manager, version 3.21, was last updated in March of 2010 – more than a year before our last review of this product. However, we looked at this product again based on the current comparison criteria, which include more security criteria and mobile tools. This password management software can support multiple users and is available individually or as a corporate license with password administration tools.

Using the password manager, you can create your own templates for webpages or use the predefined templates to auto-fill webpages, including long forms. The auto-fill feature works via an Internet Explorer or Firefox plug-in. This software does not have a tool for Google Chrome. Although this software auto-fills forms, it does not automatically save new forms as you fill them out. You have to create each account manually. Additionally, Aurora Password Manager performs backup and restoration functions and can be exported as a CSV file.

This password manager employs strong 256-bit encryption methods and can be securely stored on a USB drive. It has a password generator that can create complex, long passwords for you. You can create a CSV file of your data that you can print and lock away for safekeeping in case you lose your USB drive or your computer crashes. The auto-fill tool bypasses keyloggers, and since you submit the URLs for the login pages, it eludes phishing endeavors too.

Aurora Password Manager can run securely from a USB drive. Once you are finished using a PC and you remove the USB drive, it leaves no trace of the software or your passwords behind. This software does not have a version for mobile phones or devices, however. Since many people access their online accounts via a mobile phone, mobile tools are relevant. In fact, some estimate that more than 90 percent of smartphone owner's user their phones to access the internet. Animabilis Software has yet to create a tool to accommodate the growing base of mobile users.

Aurora Password Manager Summary:

This password manager has not been fully updated in years. Although this type of software is not complex, intermittent updates are necessary. For example, Google Chrome has recently secured a larger user base and more people are using their mobile phones to access the internet, but Aurora Password Manager has not evolved to accommodate these users. Although this software can handle the basics, it needs to evolve to manage passwords for how people currently access the internet.


Aurora Password Manager 3.21

This password manager can accommodate multiple users, run from a USB drive and fill in long forms automatically.

Aurora Password Manager does not include a compatible mobile phone version and has not had a major version update in more than two years.

The Verdict
: 8/10

This software can save complex passwords securely and fill in long, complex web forms automatically. However, if you use Google Chrome or need a compatible mobile version, Aurora Password Manger cannot accommodate you.