Ascendo DataVault is a secure password manager that locks personal information down with powerful AES encryption. It works with the most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome and Firefox. Ascendo offers password managers for Windows, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Blackberry mobile phones. All versions can synchronize wirelessly or via an online storage service. For the purpose of this comparison, we tested the Windows version using the latest version of Windows 7.

DataVault can store a variety of personal information in an organized manner. It can store web logins, bank account numbers, VPN logins, credit card information, prescription details, travel card information and more. This password management software auto-fills forms and auto-saves new logins. Like most software of this type, it enters information based on the name of the field. The name of the field is not always the same as the words that appear on the webpage. We looked into the webpage code to find the exact field names, but this proved tedious. However, the auto-save tool is adept at discovering the field names without us having to find them manually. This tool proved especially helpful.

This secure password manager is versatile. It can import data files from other products such as MiniSafe, SplashID and RoboForm, as well as from browsers such as Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox. Auto-fill and auto-save tools function directly with IE, Firefox and Google Chrome. You can also export a list of all the information in DataVault as a CSV file for safekeeping. Although the iPhone and Blackberry are separate purchases, they are compatible with the desktop versions, and both are low priced.

DataVault includes everything necessary to secure your passwords and other sensitive information. Data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption and locked behind a single master password. The software has a password generator that can create extremely complex, un-guessable passwords using letters, numbers, characters and spaces. You can configure what information about your account you want in view or masked, and you can privately enter data using a virtual keyboard. Auto-logins and virtual keyboards both bypass keyloggers. DataVault will also only log into accounts via saved URLs, which circumvents phishing attempts.

You can also set the software to lock out after a set amount of time to protect your information should you forget to log out when you step away from your computer. This password manager cannot remind you to change your passwords, however, and it provides a master hint. Although this may seem like a helpful tool, it can compromise your data if you set your hint as something that others can guess easily. If you use a password hint, make sure to use one that no one else can guess.

DataVault Summary:

This is the first time we have reviewed DataVault, and it made a nice debut entry towards the top of our lineup. We found that this Ascendo product is able to provide security and helpful convenience features such as browser integration and mobile phone tools. This password manager is fully capable of creating complex passwords to help you avoid having your accounts hacked. It can remember and enter those passwords automatically so you do not have the arduous task of remembering or manually entering those complex passwords. This increases your security and removes the impossible task of remembering your long list of usernames and passwords.



DataVault has advanced integration tools that are compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. It can also sync with the iPhone, iPad and Mac versions via Wi-Fi, Dropbox, a network connection, iTunes or iCloud.

Although DataVault auto-fills web forms, it is limited to ten fields. In addition, it does not have a version for Android mobile phones.

The Verdict
: 9.25/10

This is one of the best password managers. It works with numerous browsers, has mobile versions and uses powerful encryption methods. It also features auto-fill and auto-save tools, which are timesavers that bypass keyloggers and phishing attempts.