Handy Password Manager is, as its name suggests, handy. It can automatically save login information from websites, auto-fill forms and log you in to your online accounts. It can even log you in via bookmarked links. This password manager has add-ons that work directly with Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE). You can save your password files to a USB drive and use the software with any PC. It also supports multiple users securely, so your whole family can keep their passwords secure and private.

This password manager employs 128-bit encryption methods rather than 256-bit, but 128-bit encryption is sufficient for most people. To help you create nearly un-hackable passwords, Handy Password has a password generator that can create strong, complex passwords. To make sure that you never lose your passwords, it can create a printable copy of your information. It is suggested that you keep a copy of your account info in your safety deposit box as a redundant backup method. However, the software does not have a password change reminder to let you know when you need to change your passwords or renew your software.

Handy Password Manager now includes a new tool that will attempt to discover passwords that you have partially forgotten. You can run this tool if you know some of the password and a bit of what should appear if the correct password is discovered. This tool runs independently and will run until it reaches the stop filter; for example, you may set it to stop when the word "welcome" appears.

Handy Password Manager can work with Internet Explorer and Firefox but does not yet offer an add-on for Google Chrome. The add-ons are useful because they give you an increased ability to auto-fill long forms and save newly filled forms. For example, if you want to add a new account using Firefox, you can ask the software to auto-fill the form for you and it will put in information such as your name, email address, street address and more, automatically.

Novasoft does not yet offer compatible mobile phone tools. Since many people use their mobile phones and devices to log in to their accounts, mobile tools are in demand. There may be a way to save your password files to your phone's memory card, but that is not the same as full integration and syncability. However, Handy Password can run from a USB drive.

Handy Password Manager Summary:

Novasoft's Handy Password Manager includes helpful timesaving tools for saving and filling in passwords and long forms. It works well with IE and Firefox, can run from a USB drive and can be used securely by multiple users. However, if you use Google Chrome or require the ability to sync with a mobile version of your password manager, you will want to investigate our higher-ranked products.


Handy Password Manager 4.6

This password manager is available in a portable USB and PC version, and it includes Internet Explorer and Firefox integrations tools. It also has a unique tool for helping you remember passwords that you have partially forgotten.

Handy Password Manager does not have mobile phone compatible versions or an add-in for Google Chrome. The company provides minimal customer support.

The Verdict
: 8.5/10

This password management software includes timesaving auto-fill and save tools. It can run from a USB drive and can fill in long forms. However, if you need a compatible mobile version, Handy Password will not work for you.