Moon Software, the creator of Password Agent, is a one-man operation from Estonia. His password management software includes the basic features you would expect, such as 256-bit AES data encryption, USB drive portability and automatic backup. It can create and securely store complex passwords and hide sensitive information from view. It is a good database-type application that can store volumes of information in an organized manner. However, it does not have compatible mobile phone apps or an integrated browser tool.

You can organize entries in a file tree that is similar to a Windows file system, and search for particular logins with the quick search function. You can even create your own custom groups and sub-groups to further organize your data. You can back up your files to a drive or folder, or print them, for safekeeping. You can also export data as HTML, XML and CSV files. The encryption options are limited, but 256-bit encryption is more than adequate for most people.

We found that you have to manually adjust form-filler templates to attempt to sign into anything more complicated than a simple two-field login. These database commands imitate keystrokes, so if you have to press tab or enter more than once to sign into an account – like Amazon – you have to open Password Agent and manually change the template for that site. Other software can create your account file as you login and store the appropriate fields and passwords for automatic entry later. Also, when you want this software to auto-fill a field, you have to place the curser in the box for it to enter the information. It does not do it automatically.

Password Agent is good for storing sensitive information but lacks some automated and mobile features that our higher-ranked products include. It is adept at saving and organizing any kind of text information, such as serial numbers, warranty information, account numbers, locker combinations, logins and software keys. You can create a portable version on a USB drive or a disc, but Password Agent does not have compatible mobile phone applications.

Password Agent Summary:

We commend Moon Software's solo mission to create a capable database system for securing private passwords and usernames. Password Agent uses powerful encryption methods to protect your data, and you can use it across multiple computers with the portable USB version. However, it does not have mobile phone tools, and it lacks some automated features that our top password managers include.


Password Agent 2.6.2

Password Agent includes powerful encryption methods for securing passwords and personal information. It also includes automatic backup and a portable version.

Moon Software does not offer a compatible mobile phone version, and Password Agent does not fully integrate with browsers to auto-fill forms on unknown webpages.

The Verdict
: 7.25/10

This password manager is proficient at saving passwords, text data and account numbers securely. However, if you need to manage numerous online accounts, you will notice the lack of browser integration and the inability to auto-fill long forms.