SplashID has been ahead of the curve and has provided mobile versions of its password manager for the past few years. This software company now offers password managers for the iPhone/iPad, Android mobile phones and Windows mobile phones. Desktop versions are available for Macs and PCs, and all versions are syncable with one another. This software works with Internet Explorer and Firefox. For the purpose of this review, we looked at the PC desktop version.

This password manager can save a variety of information such as bank accounts, birthdays, clothes sizes, credit cards, lock/safe combinations, travel card information, serial numbers and weblogins. It can save an unlimited number of record types and categories. However, unlike more up-to-date software, it only includes one template that saves URLs. It cannot auto-save new forms as you fill them in or fill in long forms using your user information. This means that if you want to fill out a new form to join a forum or create a new online shopping account, you have to enter your information manually and then create a template for that membership separately. Other password management software can do this automatically.

SplashID Safe utilizes AES and 256-bit BlowFish encryption to secure your personal information and passwords. This is highly adept security that is nearly impossible to decrypt. Other security features include the ability to mask fields so that onlookers cannot see what your passwords and usernames are. It also has a password generator that can create complex, un-guessable passwords using letters, numbers and characters. However, the software does allow you to store a master password hint, so make sure that others cannot guess your password based on the hint.

This password management software provider offers more mobile tools than most, including apps for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android mobile phones, Windows mobile phones and more. There is also a fully functional USB Key Safe version. All versions are secure and syncable. However, mobile apps are not free with the purchase of a desktop version; they are separate, low-cost purchases.

SplashID Safe Summary:

We commend SplashID for creating mobile password managers that all work together. We also trust the encryption method and like that the software can store all types of sensitive data securely. However, when we tested it running Internet Explorer, it kept crashing, and it does not work with Google Chrome, which actually enjoys a rather large market share these days. If you use Google Chrome or primarily need a password manager for web logins and automatic form filling, you will want to check out one of our higher-ranked products.


SplashID Safe

SplashID provides numerous mobile tools, including apps for the iPad, iPhone and Android mobile phones that can synchronize with the desktop versions.

Although this password manager is a capable database that can save volumes of information in an organized manner, it lacks automation tools, and its web login tools are limited.

The Verdict
: 8.5/10

SplashID understands that people access the internet from a variety of devices and desire mobile tools. However, if you need automatic long-form filling, this password manager cannot accomplish the task.