Although this password manager has experienced few updates in the last two years, it does still provide some valuable tools. For example, it can accommodate more than one user at a time. It offers a variety of encryption choices, and it can work with any browser. It can also save backup files to online storage accounts, and it can run from a USB drive. However, TK8 does not yet provide mobile phone apps, and the password manager cannot auto-save new forms.

As a database, TK8 Safe Pro is valuable. It can save all types of data, including secure notes, logins, credit card numbers, PINs and custom fields. Even though it cannot perform batch logins, it can open more than one website at a time. Since this software cannot auto-save new web forms, you have to create a template for the websites you want to automatically fill in. This is not too tedious for websites that you frequent often, but TK8 cannot help you with filling out new forms, which other software can perform automatically using your user profile.

TK8 Pro offers good security options. To secure your data, you can choose from 128-bit to 448-bit encryption protocols that include AES, DES, BlowFish and TwoFish. It includes a password generator that can create complex passwords, and you can set an expiration date for each password. It has a virtual keyboard to enter data while bypassing keyloggers. In addition, you can set it to time out and lock down to secure your passwords should you walk away from your PC without logging out.

TK8 Pro can also mask passwords and usernames so that people who might be looking over your shoulder cannot see your information. The software can export entries to Excel and as a text file, HTML or XML file for printing or redundant backup. Most experts suggest printing a copy of your password data for safekeeping in case you lose your USB drive or your PC crashes.

TK8 Pro can run from a USB drive. Using the USB version, you can have access to your account information and passwords no matter which computer or laptop you use. When you remove the USB drive from the PC, the software and all traces of your passwords are removed as well. For added convenience, the password manager can synchronize the database with online storage services such as Dropbox. However, TK8 does not offer a mobile version. Therefore, you cannot use it with your mobile phone or portable devices such as an iPad. Since most people who use a smartphone access their online accounts with it, the lack of a mobile version of the software is a significant oversight.

TK8 Safe Pro Summary:

This password manager is a capable database that can securely save a variety of data types. However, it lacks convenience tools such as auto-saving new web forms and one-click auto-fills for webpages. TK8 Safe Pro does not provide compatible, synchronizable mobile phone apps. Our higher ranked products are updated more often, and they include mobile apps and boast automated features.


TK8 Safe Pro 3.3

This password manager is not tied to a specific browser; it can work with all browsers and can auto-fill any webpage asking for a username and password. It also accommodates more than one user simultaneously.

TK8 Safe Pro does not have a compatible mobile version available or a tool for filling in long web forms, unless you create a template for auto-filling them.

The Verdict
: 7.75/10

Although this software can auto-fill usernames and logins, you have to put the cursor into the field you want completed. It does not find the correct fields automatically, and it cannot save new form information automatically.